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4/11/14Maritime Risk Map 2014Video
1/15/14Somali Pirates Seize Fewest Ships Since 2004 on GuardsPrint
11/12/13Is it Okay to Kill Pirates?

In 2012 Denmark changed the legislation concerning armed guards on board ships. The new legislation made it legal to employ private security agencies and suddenly exposed a legal minefield: When are the guards allowed to shoot? And what happens after they have fired shots?

11/6/13U.S. 'Overreaching' in Piracy Case Against Somali, Judge SaysPrint
10/29/13Somai Pirates Turn Violent - StudyPrint
10/29/13Somali Piracy Costs Governments, Shipping Industry $7 Billion in 2011Print
10/25/13Search Continues for Americans Kidnapped by Pirates on Lafourche Ship Print