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4/1/14Communiqué of the Somali MRSS Fisheries Working GroupCommuniqué from the MRSS Fisheries Working Group Meeting in the Seychelles 2-6 April 2014.   Multiple AuthorsCommunique
4/1/14Maritime Governance Workshop 3 May CommuniqueCommunique detailing the establishment of a Somali Federal Fisheries Administration and the provision of selling fishing licenses.   Multiple AuthorsCommunique
4/1/14Communiqué - Somali Maritime Governance WorkshopCommuniqué from meeting in Addis Ababa dealing with the development of a Somali National Maritime Administration. Multiple AuthorsCommunique
3/1/14EU Strategy on the Gulf of GuineaThis EU Strategy reviews the overall scale of the threat and the risks posed to the coastal states and the EU by criminal and terrorist activity. It defines potential actions that the EU, through a comprehensive approach in support of the action of the region itself and in coordination with international partners, can take to help those states and regional organisations tackle the problem.  View publication Council of the European UnionStrategy
3/1/14Legal Working Group 29 March CommuniquéOutcomes of meeting with Somali delegates on the work towards the declaration of the Somali Exclusive Economic Zone. Multiple AuthorsCommunique
2/1/14IMO Assembly Resolution A. 1069(28) - Prevention and Suppression of Piracy, Armed Robbery against Ships and Illicit Maritime Activity in the Gulf of GuineaThis resolution concerns the functions of the IMO Assembly in relation to regulations and guidelines concerning maritime safety in the Gulf of Guinea.  View publication International Maritime OrganizationIMO Assembly Resolution
1/1/14The Not-So-Jolly Roger: Dealing with Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of GuineaThis Brookings Institution piece analyzes piracy trends and causes in both the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Guinea regions. The author concludes the essay by offering policy recommendations for combatting piracy in 2014.  View publication Vanda Felbab-Brown, the Brookings InstitutionBriefing Paper
1/1/14Maritime Piracy - Part I: An Overview of Trends, Costs, and Trade-Related ImplicationsPart I of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's Maritime Piracy report covers overall trends in maritime piracy and related crimes. This section details the trends of maritime piracy and crime reaching as far back as 2003, and gives an overview of first and second order costs related to maritime crime  including trade-related implications. The data extends December of 2013. View publication UN Conference on Trade and DevelopmentReport
1/1/14Maritime Piracy - Part II: An Overview of the International Legal Framework and of Multilateral Cooperationto Combat PiracyPart II of UNCTAD's report Maritime Piracy is an overview of the international legal framework and of multilateral cooperation to combat piracy. It details the development of international law provisions on piracy, discusses the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, other relevant conventions as well as resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. The report also maps international cooperation and multilateral action to combat piracy. View publication UN Conference on Trade and DevelopmentReport
1/1/14Insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea: Assessing the Threats, Preparing the ResponseThis meeting note addresses current and emerging threats in the Gulf of Guinea, including piracy, and the conditions that contribute to their rise, such as economic inequality and poor governance. The report summarizes key themes from a roundtable discussion held at IPI last June on the security challenges in the region. The meeting was a component of the African Union (AU)-IPI partnership agreement for the period 2012–2014, which focuses on security threats and policy responses in the Sahel-Sahara region and the Gulf of Guinea, among other areas. To view full document, please click here.  International Peace InstituteBriefing Paper